The Professor Ito's Laboratory aims at the following topics (in technical terms):

We've made major achievements in the following topics (in technical terms):

This page introduces each category studied in the laboratory, not using a classification according to technical terms shown above, but in terms of contribution we can make to society.

About science and technology related projects, we introduce the visualization of:pharmaceutical experimental results, genetic codes, simulation outcomes of meteorological phenomena, simulation outcomes of nuclear power plants, analyses of surface figure of proteins.

About social science related projects, we introduce the visualization of: database of newspaper articles, hacking of computer networks, abuse of credit cards.

About Image-related projects, we introduce displaying a list of large quantity of images; searching for partial images; and feature tracking of facial images.

For music-related projects, we introduce browsers that contain a list of compositions for the purpose to offer the listeners; automatic arrangement of compositions; and automatic provider of composition icons.

For creator-related projects, we sketch a model with 3-D characters; and compose image and CG.